Foods of India – Kutchi Memon Cuisine


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While the fare on Cutchi (Kutchi) Memon tables is legendary, it is a little known fact that these recipes are considered sacred and guarded zealously by the owners of the keys to paradise. Those who do not qualify by bloodline have often received the recipe for sheekh kabab without the ingredient that encourages the mine to adhere to the skewer. This is a matter that has triggered suspicion, speculation and conspiracy theories that could rival the plot of many a bestseller.

Muslim food is a generic term loosely used to describe food that is rich and heavy on meats. Cutchi Memon food is Muslim food with a difference. It is only available in Cutchi Memon homes. There is no restaurant that serves the kormas,sukha goshts and biryanis that they serve within the precincts of their home. The balance of flavors is robust, gentle yet hearty and what’s more…

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