Olea Europaea : The European Olive

Oh, I see!

One of the oldest trees to be cultivated; at least 6000 years ago, the olive is a fruit that is popular worldwide and is also revered in most Mediterranean cultures.  By 3,000 BC, it was being grown in Crete and spread to Southern Europe and Africa through the Phoenicians; spread along the fertile crescent which includes some areas of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and fringes of Turkey and Iran.

Greek Mythology : How The Olive Was Created

The creation of the olive tree has been described in Greek mythology as a result of a competition between the goddess of wisdom; Athena and the God of the sea; Poseidon. The citizens of this new, yet-to-be-named city were to be bestowed with a divine gift from either of the gods. So, the next time you decide to recycle gifts or gift ugly casseroles and cutlery sets to people, remember you’re never going…

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