The pleasures of a cup of tea


Hotel Breakfasts

Few things are more pleasurable than hotel breakfasts. Who doesn’t love elaborate spreads of  baked goods, eggs and cold cuts, chicken and vegetables dressed in ways one only sees in beautifully illustrated volumes of the 1001 Arabian Nights? What a splendid start to the day! What I actually love about these busy spreads is that their variety replicates the random jumbles in the way my mind works. Too many things going on and I’d like to have a bit of everything!

In Delhi, for a short four days, I longed for a cup of tea made from milk that had been tediously heated over a low flame for a considerable amount of time. That familiar flavor I recognize as tea. Day after day, I was served a tea that I didn’t quite like. I must say they had the nicest, most rich croissants which I savored delightfully. To…

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